The relationship between the optical dispensary and its laboratory is critical to the efficient functioning of the dispensary. Partners In Vision enjoys a unique partnership with Essilor of America, creating an unprecedented level of cooperation and efficiency which benefits the daily operation of the dispensary in profound ways.

Partners In Vision and Essilor have synchronized their software systems enabling automatic direct transmission of work tickets directly into the lens processing system. This significantly accelerates the production process and eliminates transcription and data entry errors. Further- more, the synchronization of systems allows for online job status checking, direct Optician/Lab communication and messaging, as well as immediate notification of lens availability.

PIV retains a back stock of their commonly used frames directly at the lab facility, further improving turnaround time by reducing frame shipping time and costs. This process eliminates the need for the Optician to order or ship frames on a regular basis. While Essilor is PIV’s preferred lens provider, PIV retains the ability to source lenses and coatings from all lens manufacturers when appropriate.

Our clients enjoy dedicated customer service providers, preferential allocation of backorder, short supply and commonly used lenses, continued education services for Opticians, and complete benchmarking analysis reports which improves Optician evaluation and management. PIV and Essilor have also collaborated on the creation of custom, high quality digital progressive lenses which are exclusive to PIV practices.

These levels of cooperation and efficiency enable the optical dispensary to deliver an unprecedented degree of customer service, enhancing patient satisfaction and resulting in growth for both the optical department and the medical practice as a whole.

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